Pelham Tiger Rock Martial Arts
2748 Pelham Parkway
PELHAM, Alabama 35124

Beginner Kids Martial Arts Classes Enrolling Now!


Tiger Rock Martial Arts Kids Martial Arts classes provide a fast-paced, fun filled, self-defense workout that helps them grow in a positive, well-disciplined, yet challenging way. Each Kids Martial Arts class is filled with exciting high-energy, age-appropriate drills that have been carefully designed to build strength, stamina, and endurance as well as develop important life skills. 

"Challenge Today. See Tomorrow. Average Is Not Acceptable."

Tiger Rock Martial Arts' Black Belt instructors will build a strong foundation of self-discipline, self-esteem, and respect that can be transferred to his or her academics, sports, arts, and social activities outside our school. If you or your child have fears and concerns about pre-school, peer pressure, bullying, or making decisions alone, our program can help. 

Tiger Rock Martial Arts Offer Three Age Groups To Better Give The Best Personal Instruction To Every Student

  • Tiger Cubs - Ages 4 to 6
  • Junior Program - Ages 7 to 12
  • Youth Program - Ages 13 to 15

Why Wait? Give Your Child A Kick Start With Tiger Rock Martial Arts' Kids Martial Arts Classes!

Kids Martial Arts Benefits

  • Greater Overall Health & Fitness
  • Improved Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Increased Focus & Concentration
  • Higher Levels of Respect
  • Better Goal Setting Skills
  • Learn Effective Bully Prevention & Avoidance



About Tiger-Rock Martial Arts International
Tiger-Rock Martial Arts s a National franchising company providing health, skills and fitness training through its franchisees’ Martial Arts programs for members of all ages. Our programs enrich their personal and professional lives in many ways. Tiger-Rock programs are a blend of modern sport science, the latest research, and hundreds of years of martial arts tradition to provide you with the most effective experience available.