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Testing Results - December 2018

Goal Incomplete

The following list shows the names of the students who did not pass testing and the segment of the test that he/she did not pass.

Perry Goodacre- Form

Kamryn Burton- Form

Jonathan Schrohenloher- Boards


 Top Dogs

Green belts- Alexis Hammers-62

Blue belts- Brandon Tatum-64.5

Brown belts- Brielle Walts- 65.25

Red belts- Elliot washington- 72


Avery Pfeiffer - 36

Levi Lee - 70

Logan Bailey- 54

Joseph Lott- 50

Karen Childers- 35

Brian Pitsch- 38

Double Promotions

The following list shows the names of the students who double promoted! [in alphabetical order by last name]


Double promotion is only available for L1 Green - L2 Red Belts that maintain satisfactory to excellent conduct in class the whole cycle and fulfill the following requirements during testing:

  • Green Belts: Total score of 68.5 or more plus 30 situps.
  • Blue Belts: Total score of 71.5 or more plus 30 situps.
  • Brown & Red Belts: Total score of 73.5 or more plus 30 situps.

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