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Cubs Taekwondo (Ages 3-5)

Why Tiger-Rock?

The main emphasis of the Tiger-Rock Cubs program is to provide the instruction, structure, and environment to enhance the development of children between the ages of 3 to 6.  This specialized program is focused on the particular needs of this age including physical maturation, coordination, social skills, self concept, attention span, mental acuity, safety awareness, and self discipline.   Tiger-Rock Martial Arts instructors are extremely gentle and patient with participants.  Positive feedback, gentle motivation, and encouragement are the principles of instruction.  Whether it is learning to block, to be more aware of strangers or learning about leadership, our students win the day through play-based action scenarios, staged physical challenges and cognitive development drills.  After students graduate from the Tiger Cubs program they are eligible to enroll in the traditional programs for youth.

Certified Instruction

You can be assured that your youth are receiving the highest quality of instruction.  Tiger-Rock Martial Art Instructors are required to be certified and earn continuing education credits to keep up-to-date with the latest policies and teaching methods, ensuring safety and enhanced learning.  Tiger-Rock Martial Arts International recommends that all Instructors in the academy maintain a current CPR and First Aid certification. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts also require academy owners to conduct background checks on all annually-qualified Instructors and academy workers who are 18 years old or older in their academies. Academies place a high priority on protecting the safety of members.

Cubs TaeKwonDo

From our first visit, three years ago, with each private lesson, testing, and tournament, we have been consistently impressed with the high level of instructor preparation, the personal interest each instructor has taken in our children, the quality of instruction, and the thoroughly professional conduct from each member of the staff we have experienced at Tiger-Rock.
–Kim, TN


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