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Tiger-Rock Programs

Adult TaeKwonDo
Adult Taekwondo

This isn't your grandfather’s karate class.  We have taken the martial arts experience to a new level.  Our unique programs focus on fitness, artistic precision, and self-empowerment.  Learn more >>

Youth Taekwondo
Youth Taekwondo

Youth really love to participate in this highly energentic, fun and functional activity.  More importantly, youth at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts engage in the activities that help improve their cognitive, social and motor skills during the most important developmental stages of their lives.  Learn more>>

“I have jumped on and off different exercises programs for the better part of my life.  Tiger-Rock is truly the first place I’ve been a member at that has blended instruction, motivation, and an incredible workout.  8 months later I have never been healthier or more excited to participate in class.  The workout continues to change and remains challenging by every definition.  I strongly recommend becoming a member to anyone and everyone.” 
– Adam, IA


Tiger Cubs TaeKwonDo
Tiger Cubs (Ages 3-5)

Perfectly tailored to children between three and six years old, our Tiger Cub curriculum is the perfect blend of fun and learning. Class activities stimulate confidence, coordination, and focus.  Learn more>>

Xtreme Martial Arts
Xtreme Martial Arts

Tiger-Rock Xtreme is a unique challenge for many students. The Xtreme program is based in Traditional Martial Arts yet pushes creativity and expression in a competitive direction.  Learn more>>

Corporate Wellness
Corporate Wellness Program

Our goal is to help create healthier more active workforces through strategic partnerships with companies who share our vision of health and productivity. Learn more>>

Martial Arts Weapons
Traditional Weapons Training

Be a part of that history through our unique weapons curriculum.  Whether it is sword, or short stick, these programs let you live the past in a safe, fun learning experience.  Learn more>>

Adult Grappling

Ground work, chokeholds, and joint locks help develop a rounded martial artist. Our grappling program is safe, effective and fun, taught within a positive non-threatening environment.  Learn more>>

Youth Grappling
Youth Grappling

The Tiger-Rock youth grappling program applies the techniques in a way suitable for participants who are still physically developing.  Individuals will learn the fundamental skills of ground work.  Learn more>>

Adult Hanmudo

Hanmudo is a diverse art form that includes weapons training, Ki breathing technique, powerful and elegant takedowns and throws. This program is open to all Tiger-Rock members.  Learn more>>

Youth Hanmudo
Youth Hanmudo

Even youth can benefit from learning the ancient art of Hanmudo.  Our program teaches participants the power of locks holds and takedowns in a safe and effective manner.  Learn more>>

kisado fitness
KISADO Interval Fitness®

KISADO Interval Fitness® uses High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T) deliver an incredibly empowering experience.  Lose weight, build strength, reduce stress, and increase energy.  Learn more>>


YogaFit® blends balance, strength, flexibility and power in a fitness format. YogaFit® delivers a practical, user-friendly style, which are accessible and understandable at all levels of fitness.  Learn more>>

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